Arranmore Bumper Balls!

We are now taking bookings for bumper balls sessions from May-September! A great way to pass an hour two and something different :) Please note that we require a minimum of 10 people to run a session. If you're interested and want some more information please contact Jerry on 0878054246, message us on our Early's Bar or Arranmore Bumper Balls Facebook pages and we will do all we can to facilitate you 😊 ...

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Arranmore Bumper Balls

We recently purchased a set of 12 bumper balls and set up Arranmore Bumper Balls. The idea behind it is that you wear a ‘bubble ball’ as seen in the photo above. At any one time only 10 players are allowed on the playing field – a one hour session involves playing football for 10 minutes and then a series of mini games before finishing off with another game of football. It’s a very fun way to spend an hour (and it’s a great workout!) Our first session was an open session for family and friends and they all ...

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